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IMPORTANT: If you have been using a previous version of Loki Render, always delete the '.loki' directory found in your user home directory prior to using a newer version.


  • fixed grunt hang on Blender 2.75
  • increased tile rendering multiple to 20


  • pass '-noaudio' and '-nojoystick' to blender on the command line to minimize the amount of deps required (particularly for lean 'grunt' systems, like on Amazon, or Google Cloud)


  • Fix - tmp directory is cleaned every time loki starts up


  • Fault tolerance - On grunts that were aborted, terminated, or otherwise lost contact with the master, pending tasks are now reset and automatically handed out to another grunt for completion without queue intervention - feature was added for environments like AWS Spot
  • Task status fixes - Task status is now correctly handled when one or more grunts are told to quit after current task.


  • New
    • Tile rendering - Tile rendering has now been re-nabled, thanks to Gustavo Alejandro Moreno Martínez for the fix to make tile rendering compatible with recent Blender versions.
    • master IP via CL - the Master IP address can now be specified via the command line. simply pass the IP as an argument.
  • Fixes
    • Various fixes


  • Fixes
    • Squashed several bugs that were preventing auto-discovery from working properly, particularly on Windows platforms


  • New
    • manually specify master IP address - Grunts can now manually specify the master IP address. Auto-discover will not cross routers, so this is useful in cases where there is one or more routers between master and grunts.
    • Option to disable auto file transfer and caching - Auto File Transfer can now be enabled/disabled in the Preferences Window, or on a job by job basis. Very useful for large projects where a network share is being used and the loki file transfer and caching is not needed/wanted.
  • Changes
    • Auto-discovery improvements Previously, auto-discovery was limited to the interface with the default route on both the master and grunts. Now, both the master and grunts announce and listen across all interfaces, respectively, allowing for the master to connect with grunts across several interfaces and subnets.
    • Tile rendering disabled - Since the python API changes seem to have broken tile rendering (way back in Blender 2.5 of so) I've disabled the panel in the job creation window.
  • Fixes
    • Grunt no longer crashes when attempting to auto-discover on a system with no default route.
    • Several small fixes, such as better error handling, etc.