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  • Cross-platform - Loki is written in Java, which means it will work on any of the major platforms: Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • Tile Rendering - also called 'bucket rendering' or 'sub-frame rendering'. Render a single frame across several computers.
  • Fault Tolerance - When a grunt that is running a task is aborted, terminated, or otherwise loses connection with the master, the pending task is automatically reset and given out to another grunt for completion, insuring that all tasks in the queue are completed without intervention. This is particularly useful in unpredictable environments such as using AWS Spot services, where instances may be terminated without notice.
  • Dynamic Grunt Handling - Grunts (the workers or 'slaves' that render images) can join the master and immediately be put to work, even in the middle of running jobs.
  • Auto-discovery - master and grunts on the same LAN will quickly and transparently connect, allowing you to run your render jobs without having to worry about specifying IP addresses, etc.
  • Manual IP option - In those cases where your master and grunts are not on the same network and need to traverse routers, you can specify the master's IP address manually.
  • Real-time updates - Loki shows all the relevant details about running jobs in real-time, such as each grunt's previous render time so you can compare relative performance.
  • View Job Details - Loki provides detailed information about each job; view information such as stdout and stderr on each task.