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Welcome to the Loki Render wiki!

What is Loki Render?

Loki Render allows you to create your own render farm, harnessing the power of as many computers as you like to render images with the excellent open source 3D creation software Blender. Loki is particularly suited for rendering large amounts of images, typically for animation, and also supports 'tile rendering' which distributes a single image into pieces for rendering, then re-assembles the final image.

Loki has been designed to be very simple to use for those who want a render farm up and running quickly with minimum fuss. Recently I've also added features which should give it the flexibility it needs for users with large projects and more advanced needs.

Loki uses the Java platform and thus runs on Linux, Windows or Mac.


Grab the latest release from Sourceforge [here].

Loki on the Cloud

You can launch an on-demand, scalable render farm on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in mere minutes. Read more on the LokiOnTheCloud page.


Check out Loki's Features.

Add a feature request to the WishList

Setups, Benchmarks, etc

Share your setup and results on the SetupAndResults page.



Take a gander with the FAQ page.

Tutorials, Guides and HowTos

Look at the GettingStarted guide for a step by step walkthrough on how to install and use Loki.

Loki command line usage

java -jar LokiRender-<ver>.jar [<BlenderExe>] [<MasterIP>]


java -jar LokiRender-071.jar
java -jar LokiRender-071.jar /path/to/blender
java -jar LokiRender-071.jar
java -jar LokiRender-071.jar /path/to/blender

Loki will start in grunt command line mode (no GUI) if a blender executable is provided as an argument.

Community links

Check out the CommunityLinks page for tutorials, videos and other resources that members of the community have graciously made available on the Internet.