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wishlist from blenderartists.org user 'hovercraft'

  • command line arguments
  • force terminate grunt and set it's task as failed, Would be nice to be able to reset/terminate a grunt sometimes they go offline and still stick around. Like, try to ping it and if it doesn't respond mark it dead and reassign the task.
  • reorder the queue and/or priorities on tasks
  • have loki save blenders log not only to stdout but to a file (./blender &> myLog123.txt)
  • headless mode for master
  • +this is a big one: being able to submit jobs from the commandline. Then we could send jobs directly from a blender add-on and enable other cool scripted tricks.


  • small problem with tile rendering: as tile rendering only outputs files as .pngs extra pass data (like depth and material index) is lost, so post-render compositing is very limited. it would be nice tohave the option to get multilayer exr files that can be fed back into the compositor easily without losing any data. - blenderartists.org user 'hell2o'
  • a client program for submitting jobs and downloading results would be really cool. so you have one server (Master) several slaves (Grunts) and clients can connect to the server
  • more Multipliers for the tilerendering would be really nice (up to 20), because I am sometimes rendering 5K and so I want to give smaller parts to the Grunts